Styles For Miles Pet Spa

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Prices and Services

Styles For Miles offers many grooming packages and services.Besides the grooming packages we also offer nail painting, color hair dying which we use only pet safe dye, airbrushing, feathers, paw soaks, flea treatments, even mud baths! We bathe every pet with the best shampoos to ensure they are completly clean. We also fluff dry your pet by hand so your pet is never dried in a cage. We also sissor finish our grooms to give your pet the best look possible.


Our Prices are based mostly on size but condition of the Pet is also a factor. *If a pet's coat is in bad condition then there will be extra charges because it will require more time. If this is the case we always let you know before grooming begins.

 Our Groom Spa Packages include: Hair Cut, Bath,Blueberry Facial, Nails trimmed , Anal Glands, Ears flushed and Cleared of hair.

 Our Bath Spa Packages include: Bath,Blueberry Facial, Nails trimmed , Anal Glands, Ears flushed and Cleared of hair.

 Please call for a Quote.

Also ask about our neighbor discounts, get more than 5 pets together in the same neighborhood and then you are talking about a good discount for all!! 





Add On

Feathers $7.00

Paw Soak  $5.00

Air Brushing----- speak with groomer depending upon size 

Furminator Treatment--- small 10.00  med 15.00  large 25.00  xlarge 30.00 

Nail polish--- 8.00

Teeth Brushing--- 7.00

Jewels------ 3.00 each

PET COLORING!------WE OFFER TRUE COLORING SERVICES BY PROPERLY TRAINED PET GROOMERS.  Please ask for quotes, our color services are the best in the the area.

Ask about our new Teeth Cleaning service for removal of light to moderate tartar build up. We don't put pets "under" for this service. So it does depend on the pet if we can perform the service. Please contact us for futher info.